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Improve Ventilation & Pest Protection

Do you want stylish, effective and affordable flyscreens in the Northern Rivers? We have what you’re looking for at Budget Screens & Awnings. Our screens are designed to keep out all kinds of intruders—be they the two, four, six or eight-legged variety! They will also enable you to maintain comfortable levels of air flow.  

You can browse through the flyscreens we offer at our Lismore showroom. However, we can deliver and install our screens to customers in Ballina, Byron Bay and other areas throughout the Northern Rivers. Flyscreen repairs are also available at competitive rates.  

Flyscreen Doors

Flyscreen doors are brilliant for keeping out those pesky creepy-crawlies whilst maintaining your views. They are built to survive everyday use from families and pets, using the same extruded aluminium corner stakes and locks we use on our diamond and supascreen doors. Additionally, they come with optional extras, such as different mesh types to satisfy fire screening regulations or the uses that pets and youngsters can put them through. They are available in a wide range of standard and non-standard colours to suit almost every home. For information about flyscreen windows please click here 

Flyscreen doors can be created as a regular flyscreen door with a screening mesh and a central bar to make the door more visible and prevent walk-through related damage. We can also construct half panel doors, half panel doors with security grilles (most common with pushy pets) and cast panel decorative doors. There are many ways we can install flyscreen doors. We implement a range of methods for hinged, sliding and stacking doors. 

Open Flyscreen Door — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Installing Flyscreen Window — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers

There are different mesh options available with flyscreen and cast panel doors. These are as follows:  



More information about fire protection options: 

Colour options for doors and grills: 



Any colour which is available through our local powder-coater or by special request from our supplier. These may cost extra and may take longer to be delivered. 

Note: If you have a particular colour in mind and you know the name of it please contact us.  We will let you know if it is a colour we can do for you and if it is standard or non-standard. 

Metal fly screens — Electricians in Warana QLD
Glass window locked — Electricians in Warana QLD


This section is specifically about non-security bug screening for windows. Window screens come with many names. These can include insect screens, flyscreens, bug screens, mosquito screens, gauze screens and mozzie nets amongst others. The basic idea is the same regardless of the name, keeping those creepy crawlies out using a fine mesh which covers the face of your window or doorway. This is the most humane way to prevent these creatures coming in. Screens are also brilliant for limiting the impact of your home on the environment, since they allow you fresh cool air without the need to use electronic cooling devices. 

Window screens come as standard, with a coloured aluminium frame and fibreglass mesh held in by a spline. Depending on your windows, there are a whole lot of variations to this basic design. These include tracks, clips, springs, buttons, handles and other bits which we use to make the screen attach to your window so that bugs have a very hard time getting around it. Some of these bits allow you to open, move, hinge or get around your screen in order to open or close your windows (if your windows open out), depending on your type of windows these may or may not be required. Larger frames require cross-bracing supports. These can either be the same colour as the frame or black, which is easier to see past when looking at your views. 

Another variation includes the choice of meshes which can be added for various different uses. There are different mesh options available with cast panel doors. These are as follows:  

More information about fire options: 

You also have your choice of many standard colours which match most homes. These include powder-coated and anodised aluminium. If standard colours do not suit, then there are some optional non-standard colours available. You also have the option of getting your frames powder-coated with a special colour of your choice through our local powder-coater. 

Man Installing Black Flyscreen Window — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Fly screen cover — Electricians in Warana QLD

Velcro Screens & Magnetic Closing Screens

Flexiscreens are Velcro attached flyscreens that are manufactured in Australia. Flexiscreens are perfect for large openings, French doors, sliding and bi-fold doors. They are also wonderful solutions for when you need to move past your screen to open your window or when you have window handles and winders which prevent the installation of regular flyscreens. They are also brilliant for caravan and camper-van windows and doors because they can be made to almost any shape—including curves, cut-outs, triangles, squares/rectangles, and when your corners aren’t square.  

Magnetic closure fly screens are custom manufactured to exact measurements from high-quality components. Flexiscreens can have a magnetic closure for doorways and allow pets outside without needing a pet door while keeping the bugs out because they automatically close behind you. These magnetic door closures use multiple pairs of tiny high-quality, high gauss, rare earth magnets (neodymium) and are made to last. Using such high-quality magnets also ensures that the screens remain closed even in moderate wind climates.

These magnets are coated, giving them corrosion resistance. They are inserted at 100mm intervals, and the number of pairs varies depending on your screen size, but most screens have around 28 pairs, ensuring automatic closure every time. The closure point or points (more can be added on large openings but are not standard) can be made off to one side if required or if you use one side of your walkway more often than the other. 

Flexiscreens come in three trim colours (black, white or grey), which will match most applications and are fire retardant and UV stable—genuine Velcro brand fasteners come in black or white. The mesh is made of PVC-coated woven fibreglass, which is tough and durable. It is charcoal in colour to provide ease of vision and is available in regular or midge mesh. If getting a magnetic close, this trim will be black to match the mesh and be less obvious when looking through your screen. 

Flexiscreens allow for clear airflow and help reduce environmental harm in that this type of cooling requires no use of energy. They are also long-lasting, reducing landfill and in turn looking after the environment. 

Magnetic Door Bug and Mosquito Screen — Electricians in Warana QLD
Three open windows — Electricians in Warana QLD

Retractable & Rollup Flyscreens

We use two types of retractable screens, depending on your budget and the size of your opening. Both systems are made by the same Australian company and include high-quality materials. Both can roll horizontally (such as your sliding doorway) or vertically (for example, a servery window). 

The main screen we use is called the Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™. We tend to use this system because of its ability to span large openings of up to 4.5m in a single screen and 9m in a double screen. The mesh is held into the frame, top, bottom and on both sides using a unique mesh-to-track retention system, which prevents the mesh from sagging and stops mesh blow-outs in high wind environments and by gravity (when used horizontally).  

This mesh-to-track system makes them perfect for larger and horizontal openings, such as stacker and bi-fold doorways. Accredited NATA Laboratory results prove the incredible strength of the Infinity Zipline™ system in that it can withstand a static load of 590kg and has a wind rating of 350km/h, exceeding cyclone conditions, when you likely have your solid doors closed anyway. The minimalistic appearance of the tracks, housing box and control bar, which can be retrofitted to almost all applications, and the uncompromising quality of the Infinity Zipline™ will perfectly complement your home. 

The second screen type we use is the Freedom™ Elite. This screen is different in that the span of the screen is 2m in a single screen and 4m in a double. This screen also does not have a retention system at the sides as this is not as necessary at these screen sizes. We normally use this type of screen on servery, double hung and casement windows, as well as French, bi-fold and stacker doors and small openings. 

The easy-to-operate unique Freedom™ Brake System enables both screen types to stop safely in any position. Simply tilt to release the brake, slide the screen up to allow food and drinks to pass through, then lower it again to keep pesky insects at bay. The patented Freedom™ Brake System locks the screen closed with a seamless seal without magnets or latches and gently uses a brush strip to seal the lower edge. Both screens are available in various finishes, including powder-coated and anodised aluminium. 

Flyscreen — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Installing Flyscreen Windows — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are there for getting fly or security screens?

There are three main types of screening. Each has various options and adaptations to suit almost every window or doorway, as well as the use these products will be applied for—such as that pet trying to scratch a hole and allowing you to open your window on the other side of your screen.  

We offer the following types of screening: 

  • Flyscreens—offers protection from bugs and insects. NOT a security product. 
  • Diamond grills—security and bug protection in a two-part product with diamond security grill and separate bug screening integrated within the grill. 
  • SupaScreens—security and bug protection in an all-in-one security woven 316-grade stainless-steel security mesh. 
Do you do rollup or retractable flyscreens?

Yes, we do. Retractable screens can be rolled vertically or horizontally over windows or doors or large openings. We can go up to 9 metres span in a double screen where the mesh is retained in zipline tracks.

Do you do fire screens?

Yes, we do. We can manufacture firerated security or flyscreening for both windows and doors. We can use bronze, aluminium or stainless-steel fly-meshes for our flyscreens and diamond grill security screening products. Our Supascreen products automatically use a 316 marine grade stainlesssteel woven security mesh, which is perfect for fire screening.

Do you offer midge screening options?

Yes. We have a fine weave mesh which has a smaller hole size than regular fly mesh. This mesh can be used in normal flyscreens or in our diamond grill security screens. Our Supascreen is not designed for midges specifically. However, it does offer a smaller hole size than some of the competitive brands on the market.

What options do you have for my pets who scratch at screens?

We offer a ‘pet protection’ mesh. This is a thicker and more scratchresistant mesh. This mesh can be used in normal flyscreens or in our diamond grill security screens. Our Supascreen is not designed for pets specifically. However, it is an option which your pets will not be able to destroy with their claws.

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