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Aluminium and metal make for great awning materials. They are tough, durable and available in colours to suit your exterior areas perfectly. We at Budget Screens & Awnings supply our metal and aluminium products to customers throughout the Northern Rivers. 

Aluminium Adjustable & Fixed Louvre Awning 

Adjustable and fixed louvre awnings are one of the best ways to control heat. This is because their clever design both shades a window opening and allows airflow around and through the entire awning, ensuring it remains cool and prevents heat transfer to your home. At Budget Screens & Awnings, we offer gorgeous and versatile awnings in Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay and other regions in the Northern Rivers.   

Our awnings are perfect for western and eastern facing windows because they allow you to stop heat from the sun in the early or late hours when the sun is low in the sky. Made from aluminium, adjustable and fixed louvres have automatic, built-in corrosion resistance and are available in a large number of colours to suit homes and businesses alike. These awnings can also help in storms as although they may become dinted (e.g., by hail) and hence need to be replaced, they tend to protect your windows, saving your home from more extreme damage. 

Commercial Wall with Metal Awnings — Budget Screens & Awnings in Lismore, NSW
Adjustable Louvres Installed Outside the Bedroom Window — Budget Screens & Awnings in Lismore, NSW

Adjustable Louvres: 

Fixed louvres: 

Bahama or Horizontal Stripe Awnings

The Bahama or horizontal stripe awning is the most cost-effective of the aluminium awning hoods, providing year-round protection from the elements. It can be used to cover walkways, such as above a door or small patio area, as an extension or to create eves. You can also place it over windows or along a verandah or side path, amongst other uses. 

These awnings afford great protection from the elements, keeping rain, heat and sun at bay while reducing the need for electric heating and cooling. They can, in turn, reduce your impact on the environment and allow you to use your outside areas even on not-so friendly-weather days. 

This awning consists of interlocking, tri-stepped panels which run parallel to the wall or fixing surface. With a minimum fall of five degrees, it has a projection of at most 1.6m when supported with rails to the wall and 2.8m with post support. With a flat appearance and a minimum fall of five degrees, it is highly water resistant. These awnings cannot have closed-in ends or mitred corners.

Awning Providing Shade Over Front Door — Budget Screens & Awnings in Lismore, NSW
Corrugated Metal Awning — Budget Screens & Awnings in Lismore, NSW

Kingston or Patio Awning

Kingston or all-weather awnings are aluminium window hoods with either a curved or square front. These are the most weatherproof awnings, making them usable year-round in all weather conditions and well-suited to covering patio and walkway areas or windows and doors. 

Kingston awnings are constructed using two panel types: a wide panel and a narrow capping or link panel, which joins the wide panels by interlocking with them. With these interlocking wide and narrow panels, you can create decorative patterns by choosing different colours for each panel. They allow you to match or contrast your home’s colour scheme. The front of the awning is scalloped to add that extra touch of style to your home.  

Kingston awnings can have panel ends or closed ends, depending on your preference. They can be self-supporting, supported with rails to the wall or posts to the ground. They can also be supported with a handrail, depending on size. 

Vertical Stripe or Caribbean Awning

Vertical stripe awnings or Caribbean awnings are made from aluminium and are wonderful for north or south-facing windows. These awnings can be made with or without a striped pattern using tightly interlocking panels in the same or different colours (the underside of every awning is white). Manufacturers use alternating wide and narrow panels to make the awning, which comes in most COLORBOND® colours. These awnings can incorporate many widths (limited only to the width of the panels) and can project to accommodate most applications. 

Vertical stripe awnings can be set at different angles, depending on your window and preference—these range from 5-45 degrees from the horizontal position. The ends of the awning can also vary, incorporating flare ends, panel ends and closed ends. One option is to get mitred corners around the corners of your home. Stays or posts are used to support the awning’s weight. The right choice between these two options depends greatly upon the size of the awning and your home. Awnings can incorporate a bull-nose edge, which can be scalloped to enhance the appearance. 

Vertical Stripe Awning Above the Front Door — Budget Screens & Awnings in Lismore, NSW
Worker fixing white awning — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers

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What awnings do you supply and install?
  • Metal awnings 
  • Vertical stripe (Caribbean) 
  • Horizontal stripe (Bahama) 
  • All weather awning (Kingston) 
  • Adjustable or fixed louvre awnings (Trinidad) 

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