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Are you in the market for stylish and attractive blinds in the Northern Rivers? We’ve got what you’re looking for at Budget Screens & Awnings. Whatever your décor preferences and budget, we have the blinds to match them perfectly. You can peruse our options at our extensive Lismore showroom, and we cater to clients in Ballina, Byron Bay and beyond. 

If you have any questions about our Northern Rivers blinds, drop us a line today. We’ll exceed your expectations. We are happy to handle all installation work.

Holland & Roller Blinds

Holland or roller blinds are a brilliant solution to privacy and light problems in your home. They are simple and easy to operate with either a spring pull-down system or chain drive, as well as the option of an electric drive. They are wonderful because they can be pulled down so easily when you want some privacy or shelter from high light levels and then easily stowed in a seamless, near unnoticeable bar across the top of your window or door. You are also able to purchase a double or day/night blind which can feature a translucent blind for use during the day and a block-out blind for use at night or when complete privacy is wanted. 

Our holland and roller blinds are an ideal match for today’s modern interiors and for your heritage restorations—with different colours, trims and controls available to make your blind match your home whilst maintaining the functionality of your window and doorway for years to come. Fabrics are available in plain and textured, translucent and total block-out in as many combinations and colours as you can imagine. Fabrics are hardy and easy to clean, as well as stylish. You are also able to purchase matching pelmets for your blinds.

Multiple window blinds — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Dark folded blinds — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers

Holland or roller blinds can be equipped to ‘lock’ in four positions per rotation when spring controlled or can be adjusted to any height if chain driven or electric driven, allowing you to adjust your blind to whichever height you desire. Motorised blinds have the advantage of adding a timer to lower and raise your blinds at pre-set times, as well as minimising the risk of sticky fingers or strains on the blind during operation. It’s as simple as touching a button on your remote control. 

Holland blinds allow you to: 

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glides offer a sleek modern addition to any room. Brilliant for sliding, stacking and bi-folding doors and windows or as a room divider, our panel glides can be customised to suit your home or workplace. 

Panel glide blinds are crafted from flat fabric panels attached to a slimline head-rail multi-track system that uses glider-mounted carriers, and a child-safe wand control system, making it light and easy to operate. The panels overlap, reducing light gaps and limiting the light entering the room. Panel glides can be customised to suit your needs, including the number and width of panels, as well as the direction of slide, centre opening or centre bunching. Additional options can include design elements, such as wooden battens for that designer touch with the character of natural timber or painted looks. Decorative battens are available. 

You can choose from a diverse range of colours and textures, including the options of translucent and opaque. Fabric options can also be coordinated with other types of blinds giving you seamless, consistent looks throughout your home or workplace with the functionality of many blind types to suit all windows and doorways. 

Tall blinds covering the windows — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Stylish Blinds on the Kitchen Window — Budget Screens & Awnings in Lismore, NSW

Venetian Blinds

If you would like a blind which provides a chic, attractive and uncluttered appearance from any angle, as well as privacy, glare and light management, then a Venetian blind is for you. Venetians are great for privacy because they close to block all angles of view from the other side. In the same way, they are brilliant for managing your light levels, providing low, medium or high natural lighting by simply adjusting the blades. You can also lift these blinds up and out of the way to give you full access to your views. 

Venetians also offer excellent sun protection to you and your home, as they allow light to filter in, in a way which limits the sun’s effects. Venetians also offer heat protection since they prevent direct light and glare from the summer sun’s rays from penetrating and heating your home and in winter, they help insulate your home against the cold, minimising your energy bills and helping the environment. 

There are three types of Venetians which we can offer you. These are: 

Aluminium Venetians are available in a large range of colours, including plain and patterned colours, as well as metallic. Timber Venetians are available in dark, medium and light lacquer, paint and stain finishes and can be made of several types of wood. Synthetic, timber look-alike Venetians offer UV fade resistance and are available in a similar range of colours to timber Venetians, allowing you to match products across your homeincluding in wet areas like your bathroom. These also offer UV fade resistance.

Window With Wooden Blinds — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Shutter blinds in the living room — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers

Veri Shades

A brand-new concept in window furnishings. Everyone loves curtains–they’re elegant, soft and stylish—but they’re either open or closed. 

Veri Shades have the feel of curtains with the versatility of blinds! 

The soft fabric hangs beautifully. There are no weights or chains, so you can walk through them anywhere, whether they’re opened or closed. They just sway out of the way and settle back perfectly. This makes them perfect for creating a soft feature across a large opening. Veri Shades can span up to six metres. 

Veri Shades are made from a wonderfully soft fabric with alternating opaque folds  

With the new unique patented design Veri Shades, you can have the elegance and versatility of a sheer and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand, you can easily adjust the Veri Shades to control light levels depending on the position of the sun or privacy required. Turn the wand one way and the opaque fabrics provide privacy and light blocking. Turn the wand the other way and the mesh fabric lets more light through. 

Open the folds halfway for filtered light. Draw your Veri Shades right back like curtains for full sunlight. 

Veri Shades aren’t just stylish. They’re practical, safe and will complement any home or office. Veri Shades use a single track, giving you more space in your rooms and only taking up half the space to achieve the same results from curtains. The fabric folds are soil resistant and can be easily taken down and individually washed or replaced in a matter of seconds. The fabric is UV stabilised, so it is resistant to fading. Fire retardant Veri Shades are also available. There is no PVC or filler in Veri Shades. 

Curtains in the living room with tv and table — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Worker adjusting blinds

Vertical Drapes

Vertical drapes are very versatile blinds which have multifunctional capacities to ensure privacy and control of light levels. Verticals have sleek, stylish and elegant looks which can be personalised for your home or workplace to fit in with modern or classic interior designs. Their practical multifunctional design enables privacy to be maintained whilst still allowing light-level management and the ability to move your blind out of the way to behold your views or walk through your doorways, making them perfect for sliding doors and windows.  

Verticals are available in a range of colours and textures, as well as in block-out and translucent fabrics. Their quick, easy and quiet operation is due to their high-quality componentry, which is guided with your choice of a chain controller or twist-rod control. The quality of the componentry is such that verticals are perfect for high traffic areas such as doorways. Vertical drape blades can stack back to reveal your views or open your doorway. This action can be done in several different ways.  

These blades can stack to:  

Our vertical system has carrier wheels for a super smooth operation. It also has stainless-steel space links, providing built-in rust and saltwater protection. These elements ensure a consistent overlap of the blades to give the best light and heat management possible. The polypropylene weights are also rust-resistant, preventing rust stains and fabric discolouration over time. 

Verticals can span 5.8 meters in a single track, covering most openings with ease. Larger openings can be covered using multiple tracks. You have the choice of optional Pelmets and between chained or chain-less bottom weights. 

Verticals offer insulation from light, heat and cold, making them ideal for managing your home or workplace’s environmental impacts. All components are made in Australia and assembled in our factory in South Lismore. 

White curtain blinds — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers
Living room with blinds and sofa  — Door & Window Furnishings in the Northern Rivers

Frequently Asked Questions

What blinds do you supply and install?

Vertical Drapes 

Venetians including timber 

Shutters including timber 

Holland or roller blinds 

Roman Blinds 

Panel Glides 

What is the difference between a blind and an awning?

A blind is any window or door covering used internally to block the doorway’s light and/or heat and/or to provide privacy for the room’s occupants. Many people refer to external fabric products as blinds. These products are called fabric awnings and are made of more weather-proof materials. Some blinds can be made for external use, such as shutters. These are altered to cope with exposure to the elements but may look similar to products used inside. The general rule of thumb is internal products are blinds, and external products are awnings.

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